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An explanation of the serial numbering system is needed here. The initial letter indicates the year? How exactly?

Cylindershp RPMBuilderPurchaserNotes
8500J2713 ca. 19361?? ?????? Purchased by Joel Hamley from the Sointula Coop Store in 1936. Donated to the Sointula Museum by Williams Boat Works, Randy WIlliams.
A391819412???? ???? Stored in Victoria, BC until April of 1997.
P383619??1??650 ???? Donated to the Maritime Museum of BC by Mr. J.J. Taylor of Victoria, BC, 1977-12-13. The engine and accessories were used by the donor aboard his 17 foot fishing vessel until June of 1977.
49537919??210700 ???? Donated to the Maritime Museum of BC by George Dixon of Victoria, BC. 1973. The engine was found in an abandoned fishing boat on the north shore of Malcolm Island about 1970. The boat was estimated to have been built about 1935.
??19??1???? ???? Donated by P. Christopher Powell in memory of Joe Easthope (1909-1978).
3055-56681975330?? Percy EasthopeDavid W. Dunn, Ferndale, Washington
J261420042???? Allan Easthope?? Built by Allan Easthope at Okanagan Center.

Additional information welcome.
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