Samples of Weekly Payroll Records

Records from books covering these pay periods.
1927-02-19 to 1928-05-12
1928-05-19 to 1928-08-31
1934-02-09 to 1935-12-06
1937-04-30 to 1938-09-09
1938-09-16 to 1940-01-26
1940-02-02 to 1941-02-07
1941-02-14 to 1943-02-11
1946-01-10 to 1946-12-26
1947-01-02 to 1947-12-24
1959-07-24 to 1965-09-24
1965-10-01 to 1972-06-30
1972-07-07 to 1978-09-29

The books show eight hours per day, Monday through Friday and four hours on Saturday.

Week ending 1924-05-10
Leo Hanafin4440 
G. Easthope Jr.4418 
P. (Peck) Easthope4430 
E. Easthope Jr.4430 
Geo. Easthope Sr.4430 
Stan Stigant4430 
J. Russell4415 
A. Sutcliffe4415 
Tom Jermyn4412 
H. Donaldson1939 
A. Bennett4415 
total 274 

Week ending 1927 February 19
Leo Hanafin 44 
Geo. Easthope Jr. 37.50 
Percy Easthope 30 
Geo. Easthope Sr. 30 
Jack Swann 34.35 
Clarence Steves 33 
? Fletcher 33 
Tom Jermyn 23Draughtsman
M. Gray 12 
Hans Christianson 20 
Jim Wilson 7 
G. Davis 53955 Dundas St.
Stan J. Stigant 33 
Harold Winstock 5 
New Boy (?) 7 
total 353.85 

Week ending 1927 July 12
Leo Hanafin4444 
Geo Easthope Jr.4430 Full pay began at the end of apprenticeship, Jan 8/27.
Peck Easthope4430 
Geo Easthope Sr.4430 
Ernie Easthope Jr.440 Away that week. Normally $30.
Jack Swann4435 
Clarence Steeves4433 
Tom Jermyn4423 
M Gray4412 
Hans Christianson4425 
Jim Wilson447 
Stan Stigant4433 
Harold Winstock445 
total 345 

Week ending 1943-02-11
Geo Easthope 96.15 
P. W. Easthope 96.15 
S. E. Stigant4469.25 
Joe Easthope6165.40 
P. A. Easthope5054.40 
A. Milbourne4469.25 
F. Mattinson1213.90 
J. Sanderson4535.30 
J. W. Wilson   
C. F. Smith4445.22 
E. Stigant4430.07 
A. Price4440.13 
E. F. Easthope4440.13 
Ed Wilks4447.52 
C. Steeves4443.85 
B. Wike4443.85 
F. H. Deans4445.22 
F. Hyatt43.543.36 
P. H. Jenkins4443.85 
Lyle Swann4427.31 
F. Richardson4017.30 
G. Bartholomew4028.88 
Lloyd Barnes4028.88 
G. P. Sleigh4060.00 
Doug Wilson4411.03 
F. Stampfl4440.55 
J. T. Bowidon43.7510.97 
W. D. Thompson5337.38 
Ron Lengart4431.77 
G Green4420.00 
C. Rohloff1611.95 
W. H. Steeves169.09 
H. Sherman4435.20 
R. R. Johnson4428.60 
S. O. McMillan4428.60 
Robert Rae3623.40 
Geo. Galbraith2527.00 
T. W. Taylor4030.00 
Ian Bowell43.532.62 
Andy Leslie3626.89 
Norman Dawson2415.60 
F. W. Clark2113.65 
total 1519.67 

Week ending 1946-01-10
Geo Easthope 96.15 
P. W. Easthope 96.15 
S. E. Stigant4469.60 
A. Milbourne4981.59 
F. Mattinson4459.20 
J. W. Wison   
C. F. Smith4445.56 
Albert Price4444.20 
E. F. Easthope4444.87 
Edgar Wilks2830.45 
C. Steeves43.7545.30 
F. H. Deans4445.56 
Fred Hyatt43.543.70 
P. H. jenkins4445.56 
Lyle Swann4444.20 
Lloyd Barnes4444.20 
G. P. Sleigh4444.60 
Doug Wilson43.7527.96 
Fred Stampfl4444.20 
J. T. Bowidon4428.13 
W. D. Thompson4448.73 
Ronald Lengart2232.14 
Gwen Green4427.50 
W. H. Steeves4428.60 
Harold Busst4444.20 
John Bamford4418.76 
V. Easthope4444.20 
Hugh Therres40.516.23 
Joseph Slinger88.70 
G. W. Pearson16.516.57 
Ken Main4435.00 
Robert Ross4313.74 
Cliff Wilmot4441.80 
Ken Wartie4411.72 
A. Brooks4439.60 
Philip Walsof4449.15 
Gordon Round4447.85 
Charles Rohloff2421.60 
H. L. Donaldson1614.40 
Ken Thorp4439.60 
Carl Newstrom4430.80 
A. L. Ivany4433 
John P. Gomes45.540.96 
Harry Strange448.64 
Willian J. Ivany4433 
Eric Cooper4439.60 
Lawrence Becotte45.538.88 
D. H. Upton45.538.88 
A. Harrison4439.60 
Doug Bligh4428.13 
Bryan Stigant127.80 

In 1947 Christmas was a Thursday. Appears that most of the employees worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday or Saturday. Stan Stigant and a few others must have worked Friday and Saturday.

Week ending 1947 December 24
Geo Easthope096.15Holiday
P. W. Easthope096.15Holiday
S. E. Stigant4080.60 
A. Milbourne4084.27 
F. Mattinson3251.84 
J. W. Wison3242.40 
C. F. Smith3245.60 
A. Price3240.80 
E. F. Easthope4051.80 
Ed Wilks3243.60 
C. Steeves3242.40Clarence
P. H. Jenkins3242.40 
J. Swann3240.80 
L. Barnes3240.80 
Geo. Sleigh4071.00 
F. Stampfl3240.80 
W. D. Thompson3244.32 
R. Lengart3240.80 
H. Busst3240.80 
J. Bamford3231.52 
V. Easthope3240.80 
H. Therres3225.73 
K. Main4043 
C. Wilmot2430.60 
K. Wartie   
G. Round3243.60 
C. Rohloff 37.60 
K. Thorp 37.60 
C. Newstrom3231.20 
A. Ivany3236 
J. Gomes  Holiday
D. Bligh3240.80 
G. Pearson810.20 
F. Hynds3212.24 
E. Whitfield3232.80 
G. Haines3236.16 
R. Smith3212.24 
S. Sundeen3232.80 
H. Donaldson2428.20 
Don Sheard3210.20 
total 1610.62 

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